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Gym startup offers cloud-connected sporting equipment

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A new gym offers tech-enabled equipment and an app that let fitness fanatics track their progress on each machine.

As fitness equipment move into the digital age, it was only a matter of time before an entire gym offers cloud-connected machines. Munich-based startup eGym offers exercise equipment that are linked to the cloud, and supporting apps for the fitness training floor, so New Entrepreneurs can bring their workouts into their connected life.

While many gyms nowadays are ideal for fitness fanatics, without personal trainers it can still be difficult to know how to exercise safely and correctly. eGym solves these problems by providing automatic fitness instruction on its machines, and linking the data back to instructors who can come over to help or advise.

The app provides users with a fully connected fitness plan, and machines at the eGym are set up to enable a full-body workout in just 30 minutes. Gym goers swipe onto the equipment with their wrist band, and the machines will calibrate their workout data, then show real-time progress and suggest how they can reach their fitness goals.

eGym has around 1,000 locations using its equipment in Germany, and the startup has seen its products taken up in a number of European markets.

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