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Gyroscopic bicycle wheel teaches kids to ride

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It may be true that once you learn how to ride a bicycle, you’ll never forget; the thing, of course, is learning that first time. Training wheels have long been a staple of the childhood learning process, but now a San Francisco company has designed an alternative it says will get kids riding in a single afternoon. Gyrobike‘s patented Gyrowheel replaces a bicycle’s standard front wheel and uses gyroscopic technology to keep kids from falling over. Specifically, it can sense unbalanced riding and re-center the bike underneath the rider’s weight when the bike starts to wobble. Not only does it help kids stay on their bikes, but—unlike training wheels—it also fosters and reinforces correct riding technique, Gyrobike says, resulting in a natural and smooth transition to conventional two-wheeled riding. Three successive stability settings enable that transition, in fact, as a rider’s skills and confidence improve; when powered off altogether, Gyrowheel behaves like a standard bike wheel. Gyrobike will release a 12″ Gyrowheel in early December for about USD 100, and a 16” model will follow in the spring. Both will come equipped with internal rechargeable batteries and a charger and offer a choice of black or white tire colour. Adult sizes and full-scale kids’ bikes are also in the works. Gyrobike plans to begin distributing the Gyrowheel through select retail stores next year. Retailers around the globe: one to get in on early…? Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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