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Halal browser provides Muslim-friendly internet

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SalamWeb offers curated news and filtered internet sites to 1.8 billion Muslims

Spotted: Malaysian-based SalamWeb has created a Muslim-friendly internet experience. The company calls itself the “world’s first Shariah certified web browser.” SalamWeb doesn’t block content, according to Managing Director Hasni Zarina Mohamed Khan. Instead, it provides tools to help users filter illicit or unwanted content. SalamWeb will also flag sites that violate Islamic law (known as Shari’ah), such as pornography and gambling sites.

The mobile and desktop browser offers a customised news feed, a safe chat service, and other features including prayer times and a function that indicates the direction a Muslim must face for prayer.

The company’s goal is to get more Muslims online and to offer an alternative to mainstream browsers. The products are certified compliant by the independent Amanie Shariah Supervisory Board.

The company is planning to invest €13.5 million in SalamWeb over the next two years.



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