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Halal baby food


Two British companies are bent on closing a gap in the prepared foods market—halal baby food. Up until recently, certified halal meat-based baby foods weren’t available. Because of this, Muslim mothers often delayed the switch from milk to solids, leading to babies developing iron and protein deficiencies. This isn’t just a problem in non-Muslim countries, where halal food is often less readily available. According to a report by the Nutrition Unit of the World Health Organization, the prevalence of iron deficiency anaemia in Middle Eastern infants is high – up to 70% in some parts of the region (source: Maktoob Business). Mumtaz Foods Industries offers ten varieties of baby food suitable for infants from 4 to 7+ months old, including Potato, Lamb & Spinach, and Spring Vegetables and Chicken. GEM Food’s Petit Gems comes in culture-spanning flavours, from Vegetable & Roast Beef to Middle-Eastern Lamb Tagine. Aimed at Muslim parents who want the convenience of prepared baby food without compromising their religious beliefs, halal baby foods should do well both in Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Mumtaz Baby Food is currently available in selected supermarkets and drugstores in the United Kingdom and in Carrefour supermarkets in Saudi Arabia, with other Gulf Region countries to follow this year. GEM Food’s Petit Gems is sold in the UK and France. Two to partner with or distribute! With an estimated 1.4 billion Muslims world-wide, this is hardly a niche market 😉 Spotted by: Leigh Odimah



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