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Hand-sewn pillows showcase users' Instagram photos

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Stitchtagram is a site that creates hand-sewn pillows featuring photos from Instagram.

The advent of mobile technology has lead to a huge increase in the amount of time consumers spend connected to the internet and, as a result, there is an ever growing need to bridge the gap between their online and offline lives. This is why we’ve seen ways to represent consumers’ Facebook interactions in physical, glossy pages, for example. It’s also the reason behind Stitchtagram, a site that creates hand-sewn pillows featuring photos from Instagram. Created by a brother-sister team from Washington, D.C., Stitchtagram hand-sews its 15-inch pillows to feature customers’ best and favorite Instagram photos. Users begin by logging in via Instagram and choosing the photos they’d like included; a layout tool makes arrangement easy. From there, photos are digitally printed on a linen-cotton canvas, with an envelope-style dark navy fabric for the pillow’s backing. The company explains: “It’s a shame when great and memorable photos fall off your Instagram feed, never to be seen again. Our pillows let you keep your photos alive by bringing them out into the real world, to be enjoyed every day. These are going to last longer than your iPhone, and are much more comfortable to take a nap on.” Pricing on Stitchtagram’s pillows is USD 95.50 plus shipping. Consumers may now spend a significant bulk of their time online, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to integrate that online world with their offline lives. What can your brand do to help?



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