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Handbag accessory detonates dye when robbed

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Malaysian sportswear firm Ash Be Nimble has designed a stylish handbag fob that explodes dye when robbed, helping catch the theft literally red handed.

Banks and security firms have employed high tech devices such as dye bombs and smoke flares for years to protect their vast sums of money from being robbed. But now anyone with a handbag can get the same security with the Handbag Dyetonator – a very stylish looking handbag fob that’s packed with enough technology to make James Bond want one.

It pairs up with a user’s phone, so if someone snatches their bag they activate the device from their phone and the thief will soon wish they stayed home. Within five seconds the fob explodes dye all over the criminal, then the fob turns into a smoke flair which lasts for four minutes. It’s GPS activated so users (or police) can track the bag down. And at only 96g it’s light as a feather.

Ash Be Nimble’s founder Hui Mathews explained: “The handbag Dyenator is just another way to put safety back in the hands of women, and we hope that it will act as a deterrent to snatch thieves.”

It only takes two hours to charge, and lasts in standby for five days. The only real conceptual flaw we can see is that many people have their phone in their bag, meaning if the bag’s stolen the user won’t be able to activate the device. So users would have to get into the habit of having their phone in a pocket.

They’re in high demand and not released yet – customers have to join a waiting list. It reminds us a bit of the SkunkLock, a bike lock that releases extremely noxious gasses when cut. Another advance piece of law enforcement are these robotic police officers in Dubai. Could this work in preventing bag snatching crime?



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