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Buy one, donate one plush animal blankie

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Stuffed animals and security blankets tend to be favourite sleeping companions among young children, but the Happy Blankie—one of the cutest innovations we’ve seen in some time—combines both into one. Not only that, but for each Happy Blankie sold another is donated, resulting in not just double but quadruple the comfort and quadruple the fun. Ohio-based Happy Blankie offers a line of four animal blankets made of luxurious plush “minky” fabric and silky charmeuse satin. Available in puppy, pig, frog and teddy bear versions, all feature an embroidered cheek-to-cheek smile and a plush embossed ribbon nose. Pricing ranges from USD 29 for an 18-by-18-inch size to USD 99 for a 48-by-56-inch version; personalization with a child’s name is also available. Best of all, however, is that for every Happy Blankie sold, the company will donate another to a child in a hospital or orphanage. It even lets the buyer of the first blanket choose where the second one is given by following the instructions on the blanket’s “giving is cool” tag. Who says there’s no more room for innovation in the world of children’s blankets and toys? Throw in a dash of buy-one/give-one generosity, and there will surely be sweet dreams all around! 😉 (Related: Personalized baby blankets, rebornBespoke baby blanketsPersonalized books starring a child’s favourite toyBuy a onesie, donate one to a baby in need.) Spotted by: Sara Al Mulla



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