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HDMI adaptor enhances television for colorblind viewers

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Eye2TV is a smart device which plugs into any HDMI video source and enhances TV images, making them more vibrant for colorblind viewers.

Nearly five percent of the world’s population are color blind. That means they cannot distinguish between certain colors and shades — most commonly red and green. Now, a smart HDMI adaptor called Eye2TV enhances video so that color-deficient viewers can enjoy TV shows with vibrancy and clarity, alongside their color-normal friends and family.

Developed by Spectral Edge, Eye2TV adapts the technology of Eyeteq — an app that improves the visibility and color rendering of photos for color-blind people. The adaptor can be plugged into any HDMI video source, such as a DVD player or games console, and will enhance the moving images on all HD monitors or screens. Once plugged in, Eye2TV makes images more vivid, enabling viewers to better distinguish between red and green on screen. Users can adjust the levels to suit their vision using a bluetooth-enabled remote control, and the picture is still pleasing to color-normal viewers, meaning everyone can watch together.


Eye2TV is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter where backers can pre-order the device for GBP 50. It is expected to ship in March 2016. Could similar technology be used to help viewers adjust their TV image settings more easily?



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