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This headband could stop kids from drowning

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The iSwimband is a device that uses phone notifications to warn parents if their child is having trouble in the water.

Parents often find themselves stuck in a bind between letting their children have fun by themselves and making sure they’re not in trouble. Technology such RFID has been used before on farms — the Where Abouts system for example lets kids explore and notifies farmers if one has strayed too far. Now the iSwimband is a device that warns parents if their child is underneath the water for too long.

The headband is made of lightweight rubber and can be fitted securely around the head of all children, from small toddlers to teenagers. When synced through Bluetooth with parent’s mobile devices, the companion app delivers notifications that let them know the status of their kids when playing in the pool. Users can set their own alert limits — if a toddler or non-swimmer gets too close to the water, or if a swimming child becomes submerged for longer than they should. The founder of Aquatic Safety Concepts, which developed the product, is a father whose child’s 9-year-old classmate tragically died at a busy pool because nobody noticed that he’d disappeared under the water for five whole minutes. The iSwimband could help kids in trouble get a much quicker response from adults and potentially save young lives. The video below explains more about the concept:


Available for pre-order at USD 124.99, the iSwimband is expected to be delivered around May 2014. Are there sensors for other situations that could help parents keep greater track of their kids, while also allowing them the freedom to play?



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