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Headscarves deliver therapeutic relief for cancer sufferers

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ASHA in Scotland is providing headwear with technology that can ease the side effects of chemotherapy.

Jillies‘ blouses specifically designed for breast cancer patients have already been helping women feel more comfortable and fashionable during the treatment process, and now ASHA in Scotland is providing stylish headwear with technology that can ease the side effects of chemotherapy. The brand is a project by Murray Hogarth Company, which has teamed up with the School of Textiles & Design at Heriot Watt University in order to create the garments. The headwear is made of micro-encapsulated fabric, which can emit fragrance, and comes in three different versions to aid relief of the side effects of cancer. The Lavender Aroma headscarf has a calming fragrance, the Itofinish Tea Tree model gives off tea tree oil – a known antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial agent – embedded into the material, while the Itofinish PCM 32 NF version contains a wax that helps maintain the temperature of the head. The scarves are available in navy, camel and lilac and are priced at GBP 19.95 each. Ten percent of all ASHA profits are donated to Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres. Cancer can be one of the hardest diseases to face in life and the ASHA headscarves add a bit of extra comfort that can make a big difference to the everyday lives of sufferers. How else could daily items be tailored towards patients? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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