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Zenyum aligners are custom-designed, based on a 3D scan of the patients’ teeth | Photo source Zenyum

Startup brings low-cost braces to Singapore

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The invisible aligner market has reached Singapore with the launch of affordable invisible aligners with a complimentary app that tracks progress

Spotted: Singapore startup Zenyum has created low-cost, invisible aligners for teeth. Unlike typical braces, or “railroad tracks”, the Zenyum aligners are custom-designed, based on a 3D scan of the patients’ teeth. 

The braces focus exclusively on making aesthetic improvements, primarily to the front teeth. Prospective patients send Zenyum images of their teeth. If the company thinks it has a good chance of helping, they direct the customer to a partner clinic for an exam and scans. 

Customers switch to a new set of aligners every five to seven days, while the company uses an app to check on the progress of customers’ teeth. Results take between three and nine months, compared to around 24 months for standard braces.

By acquiring and qualifying customers in-house, Zenyum keeps costs down. As a result, their treatments cost on average around S$2,200 (€1,437) – far less than the S$6,000 (€3,921) to S$10,000 (€6,536) usually charged in Singapore. The model has attracted investment from an early stage accelerator program run by Sequoia and is working on growing its network of partner dentists and orthodontists. 



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