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Health-tracking app connects patients directly with clinicians

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uMotif aims to stand out from the crowded world of health-tracking apps by facilitating collaboration between patients and clinicians.

The health-tracking scene, once fresh and exciting, is admittedly now becoming a little congested. There’s certainly no shortage of apps and third-party hardware designed to offer insight into the wearers’ day-to-day wellbeing. Where uMotif aims to stand out from the crowd, however, is by facilitating collaboration between patients and clinicians.

The app — which can only be accessed following an invite from a clinician — is designed to track patients’ long term conditions and post-operative care. It enables users to input diary entries and log their mood, while it also captures medical data on variables such as glucose levels and weight. All of this is then fed back to clinicians, who can access the data to gain a more complete understanding of their patient and their condition. Initial small-scale trials showed 70 percent daily use rates along with an increase in medication adherence. The video below explains the service further:


uMotif will launch across 15 NHS centres in the UK this summer on both iOS and Android, focusing initially on supporting patients with Type 1 and 2 diabetes. Through integration with Microsoft HealthVault, the company will be able to connect to a range of devices and care planning applications. What other strategies could health-tracking apps take to stand out for the crowd?



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