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Health and wellness shop focuses on seniors

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Around the world, the number of people aged 65 and over is expected to almost double in the next 22 or so years, going from just over 500 million now to just under a billion in 2030, according to the US Census Bureau. Little wonder, then, that a brand-new health and wellness store in Lyon, France, has set its focus squarely on seniors. Whereas many existing senior-focused merchants tend to focus on disabilities— is one example—HOJO offers a more holistic variety of about 400 lifestyle products dedicated to keeping senior citizens happy, healthy and independent for as long as possible. Inspired by Spain’s SeniorStore, HOJO groups its products into categories including wellness and health, daily living, leisure and comfort, communication and security, and they go far beyond disability aids to include aromatherapy treatments and stylish salt and pepper balls designed for one-handed use, for example. On a brick-and-mortar level, the company’s Lyon shop is tailored to its target with such features as wider aisles, price tags with larger lettering, and a staff trained in senior issues. It also offers one-off events for seniors on such topics as massage, cooking and computers. HOJO hopes to expand to cover 35 French cities with franchised shops within the next five years. There’s no denying the sheer force of the numbers behind this demographic, and it’s a remarkably underserved market so far. Mark our words: address senior citizens’ needs in a positive, empowering and pampering way, and you’ll see some impressive numbers yourself! (Related: One-stop shopping for wellness.) Spotted by: Déborah Bianchetto



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