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Dutch Heartbreak Hotel offers speedy divorce getaways

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Heartbreak Hotel is hoping to speed up the process and provide all the assistance one could require for a divorce.

For most separating couples, divorce is a process they would like to get out of the way as quickly as possible. Often, however, divorces can become lengthy and drawn out, as couples negotiate through reams of legal documents and calculate the repercussions. Hoping to speed up the process and provide all the assistance one could require, we recently came across Dutch Heartbreak Hotel. The Hotel service promises to be able to take care of a couple’s divorce over the course of one single weekend. For EUR 2,499, the separating husband and wife are booked into separate luxury five star hotels while the company handles all the paperwork — providing financial consultants, lawyers, and even child psychologists as part of its service. On the last day of the weekend, the necessary documentation is completed and signed by the couples, and the divorce is handed over to the courts. The company currently offers it’s services across hotels in Holland and Belgium, but there’s no reason why this concept couldn’t be exported elsewhere for other separating couples. Alternatively, what other services could be made a little less painful through a similar collaboration with the hospitality industry? Spotted by: Minh Nguyen



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