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Heated bus stops offer sympvertising and samples

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When times are tough, there’s nothing like a little sympathy from a brand to get through to consumers in a way no mass-media ad can. Case in point: To promote its new Stove Top Quick Cups, Kraft Foods is offering warmth and samples at select Chicago area bus stops. Kraft has already posted ads in 50 bus shelters around Chicago featuring the tagline, “Cold, provided by winter. Warmth, provided by us. It’s a good night for Stove Top.” Earlier this week the company went a step further and began heating ten of those shelters to give consumers within a little sympvertising in the form of relief from the cold. Next, beginning today and continuing for three weeks, Kraft will also be giving out samples of its Quick Cups at those heated shelters, for a dose of tryvertising as well. As economic conditions continue to drag throughout the world, consumers will increasingly appreciate small acts of kindness–even branded ones. Throw in the opportunity to try before they buy, and you may just have a recession-proof plan! Spotted by:



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