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Helmet-like device blocks out sounds in the workplace

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The creation by Ukrainian firm Hochu Rayu is aimed at office workers who wants to concentrate in a noisy environment.

Everyone has experienced a loud colleague that they wish had a mute button, and a noise-cancelling device called Helmfon could be the next best thing. Created by Ukraine-based design company Hochu Rayu, the helmet-like solution fully reflects outside sound waves, blocking all sound from reaching the wearer. Helmfon – a word blend of helmet and phone – is equipped with a system board, microphone, speakers, accumulator, magnifier and a inside space for a smartphone, allowing the user to watch videos, organize Skype conferences and make calls from within the helmet. The device is built to be like a private pod, separated from the buzz of an office.

The device can be used in different positions, such as mounted to a wall or ceiling, or simply rested on a user’s shoulders. As it is made with foamed polyethylene and glass fibre, it means the helmet is very light and therefore easy to move around. Designed to help the wearer fully concentrate on their work, Helmfon can also be customised by the client so all colleagues have branded, matching devices. The helmet is in prototype stage and was presented at IT Arena, the biggest tech event in Ukraine, where it received a couple of proposition from local companies to test the device in their offices.

Getting the most out of workspaces is a common interest for office goers, with an electric mobile office within a van and an app that finds the perfect workspace for open plan office workers being two recent innovations with a similar motive. How does technology enable workspaces to become the most efficient environment possible?




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