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Helping parents travel lighter

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Flying with infants brings an end to travelling light, as a baby’s essentials quickly add up to excess baggage. aims to ease the strain, by letting parents order all of their child’s necessities online and have them delivered to their holiday destination. The British company not only helps with the extra baggage issue, but also saves the hassle of shopping after arrival. Having baby supplies sent over to their hotel means that parents don’t have to worry about locating a supermarket and deciphering foreign packaging to find the right kind of diapers, and food that their baby or toddler will eat. Besides favourite brands of food and nappies, customers can also have items like baby powder and sunscreen delivered. uses UPS and can deliver to most countries. Pricing starts from GBP 70 for a 12 kg parcel for holidays to Europe. Items are then charged in 12 kg increments depending on a customer’s destination. One to set up in other countries? Build a good website, partner with tour operators and travel agencies, and grateful parents should make for good repeat customers. Spotted by: Allan Silverlock



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