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High-tech pod offers total immersion

Work & Lifestyle

We’ve already seen partially enclosed pods used to offer naps at airports, haircuts on the go and multisensory break spaces in busy corporate environments. A new, completely private pod from The Oculas Group, however, now provides total immersion in a wide array of multimedia tools. Similar to Yamaha’s EntertainmentMyRoom, Ovei is actually a redesigned version of Oculas’s original, namesake capsule, reengineered with new materials, finishes and customisation options through a partnership with McLaren Applied Technologies. Measuring 170cm high by 95cm wide by 190cm long, the unit can be opened and closed via an automatically sliding door. Inside is a climate-controlled space with controllable LED colour-changing lighting, leather seating, a retractable and adjustable, flat-screen 26-inch TV and JBL 5.1 surround sound. Everything is controlled via a Crestron tablet, and the Ovei’s technologies can also be integrated into other audio/visual installations. Users can customise many details of the unit’s interior, such as paint and trim, lighting and type of screen. Available in white, black, silver and gunmetal grey beginning next year, each Ovei is hand-assembled over a 10-week period and then numbered and signed by designer Lee McCormack. Only 500 Ovei capsules will be produced worldwide, UK-based Oculas says, priced starting at GBP 50,000 each. Besides the bespoke pricing and planned scarcity, both of which will surely increase its appeal for the wealthiest elite, the Ovei also promises to offer a highly immersive experience that provides a strong dose of “me time,” far removed from the demands of others. Don’t look now, but the youniverse just got a little bigger! 😉 Spotted by: Robert Kreff



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