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Bicycle lock can be safely worn around the waist

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Cyclists can transport their locks in a variety of ways while they’re riding, but most approaches involve inherent disadvantages for safety, flexibility or style. The Hiplok, on the other hand, is a brand-new alternative from UK-based Plus 8 Industries that can be simply worn around the waist when it’s not being used. Some flexible and chain locks can be worn on the body but must be locked to stay in position. That presents a potential safety hazard, Plus 8 says, while other approaches involving bags or attachment to the bike’s frame have associated costs of their own. The fully adjustable Hiplok, on the other hand, features a rugged locking chain on the interior but is always quickly removable when worn and requires no holder or bag. A buckle feature enables quick placement around the waist, thereby maintaining the rider’s stability, while a large reflective logo boosts visibility. Five color combinations are available; pricing is GBP 69.99. In an increasingly bicycle-centric world, anything that combines security with safety and style has the potential to be a winner. Bicycle-related stockists the world over: this one’s for you! (Related: Reflective lace combines style and safety for bicyclists.) Spotted by: Judy McRae



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