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Hiring tool rewards the expert crowds for the best interview questions

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SPARCIN's interview management software aims to support HR staff in real time while they conduct job interviews, as well as gathering the best position-specific interview questions.

We’ve already seen technology used to improve the interview process through video-based Ovia, but South Carolina-based SPARCIN takes a different approach. Not only does its interview management software help support HR staff in real time while they conduct job interviews, but the system also gathers the best position-specific interview questions, as suggested and voted on by the expert crowds. SPARCIN’s basic layout shows high-level candidate information, the current question with suggested answers, user ratings, notes, and a queue of upcoming questions. With the tap of a finger, interviewers can add, delete, or swap questions based on the direction and natural flow of the conversation. Now, through an expansion announced earlier this month, SPARCIN has opened up to the public the expertise of its community of contributors, who submit and rate real interview questions through a gamified process. Contributor involvement is tracked through badges and a point system; accomplishments are shared publicly. As contributors climb the SPARCIN ranks from Reviewer up to the expert level of Pro Interviewer, they are eligible to support company interviews themselves and even get paid. The video below explains SPARCIN’s basic premise in more detail: Patrick Hutchinson, SPARCIN cofounder and lead developer, explains: “We’ve found a model that’s beneficial for both SPARCIN companies and contributors. Through gamification and the potential to be hired for their expertise, we’ll be able to truly engage the crowd and at the same time, provide our companies with the best questions possible. As a result, we’re creating a first-of-its-kind professional interview marketplace where organizations looking to fill a position outside their expertise can connect with individuals that have the skills needed to interview for that competency.” Crowdsourcing and gamification have already been brought to bear on numerous industries and niches, but there’s still plenty of untapped potential out there. App-minded entrepreneurs: how about you? Spotted by: Murtaza Patel



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