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Danish Vizoo claims to have developed the world's first holographic films. Watch the demo of a holographic girl undressing in a shop window, and you'll immediately understand the allure of this (advertising) medium.

Marketers and advertisers, pay attention: Vizoo, a Danish ad/film agency, claims to have developed the world’s first holographic films (called ‘Free Format’) and live film inside a brand logo (‘Videologo’). Basically, it is a free-floating hologram which looks absolutely true to life. The film merges with the foreground and background to create an illusion in a real-life setting. Think 3D movie images of people, products or rotating logos in shop windows, or at outdoor events. This is definitely a service you have to see, not read about, so: view the demo. Clients already on board: ‘3’, the mobile phone company, is currently one of the pioneers of Vizoo’s services in Sweden and Austria, while SF Film, the Scandinavian distributor for Lord of the Rings, used the holographic wizardry to promote the movie in stores across Denmark and Sweden last Christmas.


Once every few months something really new in advertising comes along. Sometimes it is decidedly ‘faddy’, like head-vertising; and sometimes Springwise suspects staying power. For now, Vizoo seems to fall into the latter category, as trials have proven that these holographic videos are true ‘show stoppers’, that truly draw consumers in. Best of all, the service is so new, that hardly anyone outside Scandinavia has picked up on it. So whether you’re in need of innovative advertising (and who isn’t!) or you’re interested in licensing emerging technologies, it may be worth your while to contact Vizoo!


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