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Homeless hubs | Photo source Tom Parsons on Unsplash

Homeless hubs make up network of rough sleeping spaces

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Government-funded hubs are expected to help over 6000 homeless people in 2019.

Spotted: startups and companies have explored a range of routes in the effort to help the homeless. For example, a real estate company has put together a scheme to employ and house the homeless, and this QR code allowed for cashless donations to those living on the streets. In an attempt to further aid disadvantaged people, the UK government has announced plans to set up a network of rough sleeping hubs across the country.

The development of 11 Somewhere Safe to Stay centres is part of the government’s GBP 100 million (€116 million) Rough Sleeping Strategy. These hubs will provide immediate shelter and specialist resources to those in need. Many homeless people lack access to the necessary means to improve their situation. The rapid assessment available in these new centres for those sleeping rough or at risk of doing so could result in increased availability to support in future. Each centre will also be able to provide specialist support to address those with complex needs. This could include mental health problems or substance misuse.

Specialist outreach workers will also connect with homeless communities to ensure they receive support and guidance. As well as actively helping those in need, the hubs will play a vital role in identifying the issues that led to the problems in the first place. Such research will then hopefully help reduce homeless populations in future.

The new hubs will open in Bristol, Derby, and West London by Spring 2019, with four more following soon after. An estimated 6,000 people will receive support through all 15 hubs by 2020.



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