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Online hosiery store offers subscription-based deliveries


We’ve already seen the subscription model applied to a wealth of various industries, from indie song playlists, limited edition art, lip balms, and even to Swedish kitchen cloths. More in the vein of Manpacks and Panty by Post however, we recently came across Hoseanna, a US-based service delivering hosiery to their subscribers. The online store is dedicated solely to hosiery, featuring brands such as HUE, Calvin Klein, Hanes, Bootights, Pretty Polly and DKNY. The product range consists of a curated collection of sheer pantyhose, opaque tights, fishnets, weekend-wear leggings, wool tights, thigh highs, and trouser socks. All of these are available as one off purchases, but it is the subscription service that sets Hoseanna apart. With some tights only serving a wearer for one outing, constant trips to the store to stock up can become a time consuming chore. Hoping to provide a solution, Hoseanna enable their subscribers to set up scheduled deliveries of the hosiery they find themselves constantly replacing. The frequency and timing of deliveries can be selected to suit the individual needs of the shopper, with options for delivery each month, two months or three months. Signing up for the service is free, and Hoseanna will also send out reminder emails 10 days before the delivery is made — in case subscribers wish to modify their order. The strength of subscription-based services is born out of the convenience they offer the customer — and everyone loves convenience. As such, the list of industries the model could be applied to is limitless, as is the potential for new subscription services to thrive. Hoseanna currently only ships to the US and Canada, so is this an idea ripe for exporting? Spotted by: Wendy Francis



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