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At hotel for cyclists, guests can ride right up to reception

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Japan's Hotel Cycle is making cyclists feel more welcome, with accommodation designed especially for bike-riding tourists.

For those who want to see the world by bike, there aren't actually that many options when they travel — most hotels don't provide secure facilities for locking them away, and airlines often charge extra for taking them on board. In Japan, Hotel Cycle is hoping to make cyclists feel more welcome, with accommodation designed especially for bike-riding tourists.

Located on the shoreline of Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture, the hotel is prime of place to take advantage of the hills and beautiful scenery of the city, which is popular with cyclists. The space was designed by Suppose Design Office, who renovated a seafront warehouse to create accommodation that caters for the special needs of bike owners.

The large walkways mean that guests can easily wheel their bike right up to the reception desk when checking in. Each room comes with a wall rack so bikes can be safely and securely stored when not in use. As well as the usual amenities of a restaurant and bar, the hotel also has a specialist store where guests can buy Giant Bicycles accessories and even rent a bike for sightseeing. The main concourse also serves as a space for repairing and maintenance, and the hotel will take care of bike delivery if customers need it sent back home after their stay.

Unfortunately, cyclists hoping they can wheel around from room to room will be disappointed that the space does include stairs, meaning they'll need to haul their machine up to their room. On the plus side, they'll be able to meet like-minded cyclists during their stay. A standard twin room starts from JPY 17,000.

Japan is no stranger to catering for niche interests, and we've already seen the NE Apartment complex in Tokyo designed especially for motorbike owners. Are there other ways that living spaces can be tailored to particular types of customer?



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