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Hotel search tool that's all about location

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While sites like TripAdvisor offer an extraordinary wealth of information about virtually every aspect of travel, sometimes the one-stop-shopping approach can make it hard to navigate through to the information one needs. When it regards hotels, SeeYourHotel aims to provide a quick and direct way to search by location and view hotels around the globe. With a map filling most of its homepage, SeeYourHotel lets users search by location–whether it’s a specific address or a point of interest–and see a map with markers for all hotels in the area. Users can then view actual pictures of the rooms and facilities, compare with other hotels nearby and make their reservations. Major attractions and business centres are also marked on each map, making it easier for users to pick a hotel that’s convenient for their purposes. Satellite and hybrid views are available for each search as well, and users can browse through not only pictures but also street views, videos, reviews and availability information. Using SeeYourHotel is free; and the mapping technology is by Google and reservations are handled by, which we can safely assume provides SeeYourHotel with referral fees. There’s no arguing with the success of the generalized travel sites, but SeeYourHotel’s narrow, location-based focus and quick navigation could win it some fans of its own. As they say, pick one thing and do it right! 😉 Spotted by: Jessica McGregor



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