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Jackets and bags made to be handed down

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We’ve written about a few different recycling efforts to counter the forces of “fast fashion” and give used clothes another life. Welsh clothing brand Howies, however, is taking a different approach to the discarded-clothes problem by designing items to do a better job of withstanding the ravages of time in the first place. Howies’ Hand-Me-Down line includes jackets and bags that have been designed specifically to last for 10 or more years. To achieve that durability, the company crafts its products painstakingly, and using very high-quality components. Its GBP 400 jackets, for instance, are made from organic tweed and organic ventile—an extremely tightly woven cotton fabric that’s inherently water-resistant and uses 30 percent more yarn than conventional fabrics. With 24,000 strands of cotton, it takes 16 hours just to prepare the machine that will weave the fabric, the Hand-Me-Down site says. The company’s line of bags, meanwhile, includes a GBP 195 backpack, a GBP 185 messenger bag and a GBP 125 satchel crafted from heavy waxed canvas, die-cut leather, and rust-proof aluminium zips and hardware. Of course, whether consumers actually *want* to use the same jackets and bags for 10 years or more remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it’s a compelling twist on sustainability, and Howies’ emphasis on product stories and the unique features of its Hand-Me-Down products only add to their (still) made here appeal. One to watch, learn from and maybe even emulate—elsewhere in the fashion world or beyond…? Spotted by: Danielle Bellomo via PSFK



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