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Kraft uses social media to tackle hunger

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Major brands have a long history of promoting social causes, such as Method’s partnership with Goodwill to facilitate clothing donations. Kraft, however, recently launched an effort that taps multiple brands and multiple social media to involve consumers in fighting hunger. In what Kraft says is its largest multi-brand initiative to date, the company’s Huddle for Hunger program aims to “leverage America’s love for football, food and helping others, by huddling resources, voices and communities around the issue of hunger,” in the company’s own words. Specifically, Kraft has enlisted high-profile partners and personalities like Pro Football Hall of Famer Joe Montana, sports journalist Erin Andrews and celebrity chefs Patrick and Gina Neely to champion the cause. It’s also launched the first-ever Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. And using the power of social media, it’s inviting consumers to help it give away 20 million meals. Consumers can help by redeeming coupons, “liking” Kraft Foods on Facebook, uploading photos, watching YouTube videos and sending tweets on Twitter, among other online activities, each of which results in the donation of at least one meal. Online maps reveal state-by-state progress. The program, which runs through Jan. 9, will donate a maximum of four million meals through digital and social media. Additional meal-donation initiatives are under way at Kraft brands including Oreo, Ritz, Kraft Cheese and Maxwell House. With 49 million Americans — including 16.7 million children — affected by hunger, it’s hard to imagine a better cause to support. What is *your* brand doing to involve the Generation G masses in changing the world…? Spotted by: Jim Stewart



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