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Get a mortgage, give a microloan for a home

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By taking out a mortgage with ING, Dutch borrowers can now help families in Bangladesh and India build homes of their own. Through its new Huis voor een huis (Home for a home) program, ING’s clients are given the option of donating EUR 300 when they sign for their mortgage, an amount the bank doubles to EUR 600. To maximize the impact of those donations, ING has partnered with Dutch non-profit Wereldfoundation. Instead of simply handing out the money, the foundation provides microfinancing; borrowers who have previously taken out a business loan and have shown that they’re financially responsible, are eligible for a home loan. As the microloans are paid back, the money can be made available to more borrowers, with the goal of helping entire villages build new homes. At a time when banks are seen as epicenters of avarice and incompetence, it’s a well-considered approach to being generous. For many more examples of branded benevolence, check out’s Generation G briefing. (Related: Buy one house, give one freeMatching program doubles Kiva loansShoes for good.)


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