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Hyundai unveils a walking car


Vehicle with robotic legs can walk, climb and jump over five foot walls

Spotted: South Korea’s Hyundai has unveiled an electric vehicle with extendable legs. The company says it is the first vehicle with robotic legs. Known as “Elevate”, the concept has been specially designed for first responders. The vehicle can drive, walk and climb over difficult terrain while keeping its passengers seated upright in a stable cabin.

The vehicle uses the latest in robotic technology. Its legs extend out or can be pulled in, so the vehicle can travel on highways or go off road as needed. The robotic legs can climb a five-foot wall and step over a five-foot gap, according to the company.

The car was designed by Hyundai’s corporate venture and open innovation business, Cradle, and the Detroit-based Sundberg-Ferar studio. The concept was unveiled at the CES technology fair in Las Vegas. When it will go on sale is unclear.




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