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Bikes for Africa

Nonprofit & Social Cause

A hands-on, non-profit organisation devoted to bicycle refurbishing in Africa.

Bikes for Africa, a hands-on, non-profit business, recently launched an ambitious program to establish a bicycle refurbishing industry that will contribute both to poverty eradication and sustainable development. As a start, 1000 bicycles are now ready to be shipped to youngsters in the city of Johannesburg. Newly established shops in that city will refurbish and sell the bikes, creating jobs and encouraging the use of environmentally friendly transport. The organisation’s goal is to collect 100,000 bicycles in Europe and the US every year over a five-year period (Source: Bikes for Africa is a so called ‘Type 2’ United Nations initiative, which means the UN will register the project, but there will be no ‘type 1’ style involvement from world leaders. Sounds like a great opportunity for companies to help out, with Japanese bicycle parts manufacturer Shimano taking the lead.


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