Innovation That Matters

Ice cream factory in a vending machine


Banana ice cream with peanut butter cups mixed in? Not a problem for MooBella, a high-tech vending machine that makes ice cream to order in 45 seconds. Because it uses flash freezing instead of the standard slow churning method, MooBella can produce ice cream on demand from room temperature ingredients. The front of the machine features a touch-screen display showing a menu of flavours and mix-ins, allowing customers to create any combination they like. If the machine runs out of a flavour, it’s removed from the menu and an order is automatically placed for a refill. Raised in Massachusetts, MooBella is decidedly high-tech. Not only does its onboard computer run on Linux, the machine also communicates wirelessly through satellite technology to provide company headquarters with inventory and sales data. MooBella’s customization and fun process are sure to be a hit with consumers. The machine’s small footprint (slightly larger than a standard soda vending machine) makes it easy for entrepreneurs to place in stores, cafés, restaurants… As the company’s founder suggested, Starbucks could become the world’s largest ice cream seller by placing a machine in every store. Tasty opportunities aplenty!



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