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Iconic phone boxes turned into on-the-go offices

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NYC-based Bar Works Inc is expanding its co-working concept in the UK by turning old phone boxes into fully equipped private office pods.

Workers in several UK cities will soon have small, private, fully networked office space on nearly every corner. BT’s instantly recognizable, mostly now-defunct telephone boxes are being repurposed as mini office pods for workers on-the-go.

For a monthly fee, Pod Works members will be able to access any work station any time of day or night. A unique access code will be sent to members every time they want to use a pod. Each office will provide wifi, a printer and scanner, wireless mouse, 25-inch screen, a powerbank of plugs and possibly most importantly, a hot drinks machine. The pods will also be heated.

Currently only available in London, Leeds and Edinburgh, Bar Works Inc plans to grow Pod Works into a network across the UK, with membership allowing access to international locations that include New York and San Francisco.

We have already seen multi-tasking park benches that also provide charging stations, but what other public spaces could provide on-the-go benefits for city dwellers?



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