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Design exhibition showcases holographic products

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Design exhibitions have always been a good place to scout out the latest advancements in design and technology. However, increasingly we’re seeing innovation not just in the products on display, but in the presentation of these products. Take Renault’s Facebook “like” columns, for instance. Recently we came across another example with IES Project’s holographic product displays. Tortona Design Week hosts more than 100,000 visitors every year. The exhibitions take place across ninety different locations in the Tortona Via Savona district of Milan, Italy. Whilst exposure at the Design Week can be a major boost for innovators, start-ups and young designers, getting a product on display can be expensive. IES Project’s holographic displays however, remove the need for spending on the production and transportation of an idea, and simultaneously eliminate the environmental impact of shipping products to the exhibition. Rather, the displays present a 3D spinning hologram of the featured product set to music, and come loaded with the designer’s contact details and purchase links. Part of the proceeds raised from the sale of the display spaces — which can be viewed in a video on YouTube — will be donated to the non-profit CAF. As pressure mounts on global exhibitions to prove their green credentials, a solution such as this — which also helps promote up-and-coming talent — is sure to be a success. Event organizers everywhere, an idea to apply to your own exhibitions? (Related: Holographic branding.) Spotted by: Irene Festa



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