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If you run out of juice


Kiosks for recharging mobile phones and PDAs, popping up in London and Shanghai.

Kiosks for recharging mobile phones and PDAs

What to do when your mobile, your camera phone or digi cam runs out of juice? UK-based Charge Me recently launched a new breed of kiosks that allow busy people to recharge mobile phone and PDA batteries when they are low on power. Kiosks also allow users to talk while they are charging their devices. The Charge Me kiosk includes 12 charging bays to accommodate different mobile phones (including all major brands) and PDAs. Starting in the UK, the company has already set up a ‘PowerClub’, which sounds like the beginning of a franchise program for the rest of the world. However, Springwise has already spotted a similar charger machine in Shanghai, not affiliated to Charge Me. Continental Europe or US, anyone?!


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