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IFTTT helps users get notifications via their TV


A partnership between IFTTT and Comcast will enable users send all their important smartphone notifications to their television set.

For all the double-screeners out there, Comcast has partnered with Springwise alumni IFTTT to enable workaholics to focus their whole attention on their House of Cards marathon — by sending important emails straight to their TV screen.

The partnership enables users to have smartphone notifications from apps including Gmail, Instagram and Craigslist appear on their television set, in order that they don’t have to keep checking their phone. The function is available on Comcast’s smart TV box Xfinitiy X1 through IFTTT — If This Then That, an application that enables users to automate online tasks through ‘recipes’ created by themselves and other users. IFTTT is already an excellent tool for coordinating Internet of Things devices and this partnership adds the television to the mix, enabling the screen to be used for monitoring everything from the dinner cooking in the smart oven to a household’s energy usage.

What other smartphone functions could be moved to the television set?



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