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IFTTT for groceries orders ice cream when it's hot

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Tesco has partnered with IFTTT so customers can auto-adapt their grocery delivery according to the weather, price drops, dinner reservations, and more.

Grocery shopping keeps getting easier. We recently wrote about a Swedish delivery service, which will enter customers’ homes when they’re not there and put their groceries away for them. Now, British supermarket Tesco has partnered with Springwise-favorite IFTTT — If This Then That — to help customers automate their online shopping with personalized ‘recipes’.


To begin, customers sign up for Tesco home delivery and connect their account to their IFTTT account. Then they can create ‘recipes’ to adjust their grocery orders according to the weather, product prices, their diary or any other factors. For example, they can request to buy an item if it drops below a certain price; they can set up their account to automatically add ice-cream to their online basket if the forecast is over a certain temperature, or they can remove dinner ingredients anytime they make restaurant reservations. Customers can also use recipes created by other users.

Could other retailers make use of IFTTT’s automation functionalities?



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