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I'm a Mrs: name-change service for new brides

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Planning a wedding may be a time-consuming task, but any bride who elects to take her husband’s last name after getting married soon learns that the process of making that name change can be nearly as laborious. Enter I’m a Mrs., a new site that gives Canadian women an alternative to navigating the myriad forms, government requirements and notification letters themselves. Traditionally, changing one’s name involves visiting a government office for the required forms, and then identifying and notifying all the other organizations in one’s life—a process that can take hours or even days. Vancouver-based I’m A Mrs., however, provides a one-stop alternative with all of the forms, instructions and personalized letters new brides need when they change their name. Two packages are available on the site: a CDN 29.95 standard package, which includes access to all of the necessary government forms as well as three additional ones of the bride’s choice, and a CDN 49.95 premium package, which includes access to all forms in the database covering government, banks, credit cards, utility companies and mortgage firms. With either package, brides are given a personal page where they select the organizations that are relevant to them. Then, they simply provide I’m a Mrs. with the details of their name change, and the site auto-completes the necessary forms and letters. After looking them over, brides need only sign the paperwork and send it out. I’m a Mrs. currently serves only Canada, but plans are in the works to extend its service to the US as well. One to partner with or emulate in your neck of the woods…?



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