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In Brazil, ad campaign brands fruit with special molds

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As part of a marketing drive to show how natural the ingredients for Camp Nectar fruit juice are, ad agency AGE isobar came up with a novel way to make the actual fruit look like the brand's cartons.

We’ve already seen companies such as Dole Organic marking their produce with three-digit codes via stickers to give consumers information on their origins. Now, as part of a marketing drive to show how natural the ingredients are in Camp Nectar fruit juice, Brazilian ad agency AGE Isobar has come up with a novel way to turn the actual fruit into the shape of the brand’s cartons. The marketing company spent two years researching potential methods for creating a piece of fruit that mimicked the box shape of Camp’s juice cartons and eventually developed a mold that could be fitted around a piece of fruit as it began to ripen on its tree. Over 1,000 lemons, guavas, passion fruit, papayas, apples and oranges were grown into the molds, which resulted in cuboid produce embossed with the Camp logo and even a straw on the back. These were then placed into the fruit sections of supermarkets among the more naturally-shaped versions to draw attention to the brand’s use of fresh fruit in its drinks. The video below explains more about the molding process: Although the pieces of fruit were used solely as a marketing tool and were not for sale, the research from this experiment could readily be adopted by producers in order to embed a brand logo onto the fruit itself. Fruit suppliers: could this model set your brand apart in the supermarket? Spotted by: Regina Gauer



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