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In Canada, all-in-one cheese-making kits


Make Cheese all-in-one kits contain ingredients and equipment for homemade mozzarella and poutine.

With a rising consumer interest in the ethical and environmental credentials of their grocery essentials, as well as increasing food prices, we’ve recently seen several “grow your own” initiatives that put the food supply-power back in the hands of the consumer. Now in Alberta, Canada, Make Cheese enables households to do exactly that for cheese, with all-in-one kits containing ingredients, equipment and recipes. Make Cheese was founded by Ella Kinloch, who left her teaching job in order to pursue her passion for cheese. The move took her to a four-month cheese-making internship followed by travels through North America to visit a multitude of cheese makers. Currently there are two Make Cheese kits available — Lotsa Motza for making mozzarella, and Proud Poutine which is a traditional Canadian dish of cheese curd served on fries with gravy — both priced at CND 24.99. The Lotsa Motza kits include everything needed to make mozzarella 30 times, each batch producing approximately 300 grams, without using any additives. Kinloch also runs cheese hosting nights in the Alberta area where, for CND 20 per head, eight to ten people can learn to make mozzarella in an evening. She also has plans to launch brie, blue and gouda cheese-making kits in the future. Providing consumers with simple ways to create their own produce in the home, initiatives such as these offer chemical-free and cheaper alternatives to supermarket shopping. Inspiration here for those with food-making skills to share? Spotted by: Anna Martin



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