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From Germany, a caravan for land and water

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Sealander is an amphibious camping trailer that is both mobile home and boat.

Camping and caravans have recently enjoyed revived popularity as vacation accommodation, with “glamping” — glamorous camping — stretching its appeal to those not usually accustomed to roughing it. Now German company, Sealander, is taking the caravan to the next level, with an amphibious camping trailer that functions as a mobile home that can float on water. Sealander is the result of two years of development, and comes equipped with all the facilities you would expect to find on a normal caravan — a cooking and washing-up unit, cooler and heater, and a table and two benches which can be converted into a spacious sleeping area. However, its lightweight and narrow design mean it doesn’t require a specific trailer license or additional wing mirrors, and makes it suitable for small or low-powered towing vehicles. The integrated waterproof chassis means it can be maneuvered in and out of water without a boat slip or trailer system, and can even be pulled in by hand depending on the landing terrain. The width and depth of the lower shell is designed for stability and accessibility in shallow waters, while the low-emission electric motor is exempt from license restrictions in most inland waterways and can be recharged by the towing vehicle when moving on land. The video below shows Sealander in action: Sealander will be available from the beginning of 2012 in various materials and colours, and prices are expected to start from EUR 15,000. It aims to give users greater flexibility and choice, with a multi-functional, adaptable and compact unit. The future of mobile vacations? Spotted by: Florent Lesauvage



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