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In the Netherlands, all-in-one product image studio removes the need for a photographer

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iShopShape's new StyleShoot suite enables the production of high quality in-house fashion imagery using a flatbed device instead of a photographer.

The expense of professional-looking product photography is a problem we’ve seen many startups tackle in the past – most recently Yoopia, with its innovative business model that provides high quality images to brands for free in return for the rights to sell the product. iShopShape’s new StyleShoots suite is another – this time enabling the production of in-house fashion imagery using a flatbed device instead of a photographer. The company claims that StyleShoots includes all the hardware and software needed to produce product images ready for marketing purposes quickly and with ease. Items are placed onto the 69in x 45in backlit photo table and a preview of the shot can be viewed on the iPad and pre-loaded app that comes with the suite. After tweaking the image for correct brightness settings, a camera positioned above the table then takes multiple shots. The device produces a high-resolution image with a plain white background, allowing for precise cut-outs and custom backgrounds. The video below demonstrates in further detail how the device could be used:
Fashion companies can purchase the suite or lease it from iShopShape on a monthly basis. With the list of clients already boasting Garcia, Malboro Classics and Tommy Hilfiger, is this one to partner with? Spotted by: Isabel Verhoeven



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