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In South Korea, in-hotel spa offers 'anti-aging' tourist packages

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A spa within the Ritz-Carlton hotel now offers “anti-aging” packages for visitors.

Following our recent story about the partnership between New York’s The Pierre hotel and a local plastic surgeon comes word of another joint effort between players on the medical and hospitality sides. The setting this time, however, is Seoul, South Korea, where a spa within the Ritz-Carlton hotel reportedly now offers “anti-aging” packages for visitors priced between USD 440 and USD 87,680. Some 180 high-income Chinese recently spent USD 88,000 each on a tour to the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotel Seoul, which is home to the Possom Prestige anti-aging clinic. Included in the trip were shopping, sightseeing and plastic surgery at Possom Prestige, which is part of a growing class of such establishments known as “meditels”, or in-hotel clinics. A full-treatment package at the clinic offers eight nights at the hotel along with a stem cell treatment ranging from USD 8,768 to USD 43,800, according to a report on Elite Choice. Austerity measures may be in place in much of the world, but the desire for self-improvement persists unabated. Medical and hospitality entrepreneurs — this one’s for you!



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