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In India, a phone that changes SIM cards with a single shake


The Micromax X395 Convertible mobile phone allows users to change SIM cards, music tracks and user profiles with a simple shake.

Dual SIM phones have been on the market for the past decade and have become increasingly popular in India. Now, Indian mobile manufacturer Micromax have recently released a new model with three-way axis motion sensors — called the X395 Convertible — which allows users to switch network simply by shaking the phone. Micromax is one of India’s fastest growing mobile brands. The X395 Convertible comes with a dual SIM, MP3 player and a preloaded Opera Mini web browser. The three-way axis motion sensor will detect any shake or twist performed on the handset, enabling the user to change their SIM card, skip music tracks, or turn the phone on to silent during an in-coming call, with a small movement. The phone also features a video recorder, a 2.4 inch screen, supports GPRS, WAP, MMS and Bluetooth, and has 3 interchangeable back panels in black, red and yellow. Handsets start from INR 2,050. As phones increasingly offer more and more functionality, it is often the case that many users find navigating the phones’ menus a more confusing and frustrating process. Micromax seem to have found a simple solution. Spotted by: Manoj Nahar



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