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Indian scientists are breeding small cows that fart less


Scientists at Kerala University are breeding miniature cows that produce less methane, with the aim of reducing its impact on climate change.

India’s flatulent animals release approximately 13 million tons of methane into the atmosphere each year — a huge contribution to climate change. We have already seen Argentina tackle this problem with methane backpacks that capture cow farts and turn them into green fuel, but now, scientists in India are going right to the root of the problem and breeding miniature cows that produce less methane in the first place.

The mini cows are being bred by researchers in Kerala, led by breeding expert E. M. Muhammed. They produce less milk than their larger predecessors, but are able to withstand very hot weather, and only fart one-tenth of the methane produced by regular crossbred cattle. They also produce significantly less manure.

Elsewhere, scientists in America and India are experimenting with the cow’s feed to reduce flatulence. Could any of these projects become the norm?



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