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Indie music for kids


When parents hear the strains of their wee one’s favourite ditty for the hundredth time, their toes curl up. Most hadn’t realized that listening to a cartoon character singing the same song over and over would be one of the sacrifices they’d have to make as parents. Bryan Townsend, founder of Atlanta-based The Pokey Pup feels their pain: “Let’s face it, parents end up listening to this music and watching the DVDs as much as their kids do, and after a while, that can be downright excruciating on everyone’s ears.“ The Pokey Pup is an online e-tailer that sells CDs, DVDs and books as an alternative to pre-packaged saccharine and TV-inspired music. “The best children’s music can be music that parents enjoy as much as their children,” says Townsend. A long time music industry veteran, Townsend was inspired to launch The Pokey Pup in 2005 as he and his wife awaited the birth of their first child. Since then, sales have doubled each month and he’s amassed a catalogue of over 1,000 selections, combining classics like Sesame Street with selections from well-known and relatively unknown artists. Gen X and Y parents who want to participate equally in family entertainment are The Pokey Pup’s primary audience. These parents actively seek out and participate in cross-generational experiences and expect to enjoy the activity as much as their child. Another example of this trend is previously featured Baby Loves Disco, which holds Saturday afternoon parent/child dance fêtes at local night clubs. One to expand to different countries and languages. Note that curation is key with a concept like The Pokey Pup, and harnessing the long tail of independent music requires dogged research, original taste in music and the ability to communicate your preferences. If literature is your forte, why not start up a niche online bookstore offering the best alternative children’s books? Spotted by: Beth Blenz-Clucas



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