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Indie booking system lets anyone screen a film for profit

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Attempting to revolutionize the traditional movie screening business, IndieScreenings lets anyone hire a film, show it and keep the cash. The venture’s online booking process calculates a licence fee based on where someone plans to screen, how many people will watch and various other factors. A few days after ordering a license, a DVD is sent by post. IndieScreenings includes a profit calculator and also offers an instructional guide, including tips on how to advertise and which technical issues to be aware of. IndieScreenings was conceived as a way for the makers of The Age of Stupid (a feature about climate change) to spread their own crowdsourced film in a legal and controlled manner. But after realizing its potential for amplifying independent voices, the system opened up to other filmmakers. Upcoming films include “The Yes Men Fix The World”, “McLibel” and “Drowned Out”. IndieScreenings is currently available for screeners in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, with an international rollout following soon. Will movie studios catch on and experiment with a similar grassroots distribution method, appealing to movie-loving sellsumers who’d be more than happy to drum up new audiences for profits? One to watch! Spotted by: Jamal Hamou



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