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An urban winery & tasting club for Denver

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It’s been a few years since we’ve covered an urban winery. Following our look at Crushpad back in 2005, we also featured City Winery in ’08. The latest spotting? Now reaching beyond San Francisco and New York, there’s The Infinite Monkey Theorem, a winery and tasting club in Denver. The Infinite Monkey Theorem makes no pretensions about having a vineyard of its own. Rather, “we buy the best grapes and we make ridiculously good wine,” in the site’s own words. It’s primarily local fruit that’s used, according to the site, and the results of IMT’s efforts are now available in 125 local restaurants, wine bars and stores. Also on offer are private tastings and tours for groups of 10 or more at USD 50 per person, as well as periodic pairing dinners with chefs from local restaurants. USD 1 from each bottle sold is donated to the University of Colorado Cancer Center. Even if a winery has no vineyard of its own, that’s not to say it can’t still offer a heady dose of (still) made here appeal. Who will open the first local urban winery near you? Spotted by: Sarah-Jane Johnson



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