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LEGO and Epic Games are working together to create a safe space in the metaverse | Photo source Epic Games

Epic Games and Lego announce plans to build a safe metaverse world for kids

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The goal of the collaboration is to create new and exciting online spaces that prioritise digital wellbeing

Spotted: Internet safety for children is an ongoing concern, particularly as global brands uphold varying strengths of protective protocols. Add in the swift increase in screen time that millions of people encountered when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, and monitoring the safety of a household’s internet use has become more complicated and difficult. So how to help children play safely online? 

Enter LEGO and Epic Games, two of the world’s leading toy and game companies. The two businesses recently announced their partnership in building a metaverse world for children. The plan centres on the wellbeing and safety of young people, with the extensive experience of both brands contributing to what could be the future look and feel of online play.

The collaboration is in its earliest stages, with no deadlines or artwork currently available. The partnership has already drawn significant interest, with a new funding round raising $2 billion (around €1.9 million) to support the development of such a space.

Many of the digital innovations that Springwise has spotted that are designed for children focus on education, particularly accessibility. A voice-based learning app helps children who have difficulty reading and writing, and a mobile-first education platform personalises content for each learner. As the metaverse grows, there may be great potential to further expand the diversity of learning options.  

Written by: Keely Khoury


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