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The domes represent insurance in the game | Photo source NRMA

Australia's bushfires inspire an insurance-themed board game

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Insurance provider NRMA has gamified the message that Australians must insure their homes against any further natural disaster

Spotted: Of the many disasters of 2020, the terrible bushfires that spread across Australia earlier in the year were particularly tragic. Bushfires are only one of the natural forces endangering Australia due to climate change, on a list also including storms, floods and tornadoes. Added to this is the fact that the number of uninsured homes in Australia grew by 32 per cent over the past four years.

Australia’s leading insurance provider, NRMA, is seeking to tackle the growing number of homes in Australia that are uninsured — with a board game. Made in collaboration with agency CHE Proximity, Help! The Game asks players to protect assets such as cars, homes and pets with ‘insurance’, which is represented by giant domes. The purpose of the game is to be the least impacted by the dangers posed by both climate change and other forces, such as snakes and theft.

As insurance is not typically a particularly fun or engaging topic, the gamification of the serious need for Australians to protect their home from very real threats is an intelligent strategy from the firm. Zara Curtis, director of content and customer engagement at NRMA, explains: “We’re always looking at new and innovative ways to help Australians understand risk and the value of insurance. What better way to capture the attention of Australian families this Christmas than by creating something that helps bring insurance to life in a fun and engaging way?” Indeed, the game is even being promoted innovatively, through small films, PR, social media and e-commerce.

Help! The Game is available to buy on and in Kmart stores across New South Wales and Queensland from 8 November 2020 — just in time for Christmas. A percentage of each sale goes towards disaster relief and recovery for NRMA’s partner, Australian Red Cross.

Written By: Holly Hamilton

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