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S4M allows advertisers to notify shoppers of nearby sales and offers on-the-go | Photo source S4M

Personalised ad format uses proximity-based push notifications

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A French ad tech company developed a method for brands to push notifications to shoppers on-the-go

Spotted: Mobile ad tech firm, S4M, has recently launched a new ad format which allows brands to notify passers-by when they are approaching a shop that carries their line. The system, “Pass-to-Store,” uses smart, proximity-based push notification retargeting.

Pass-to-Store begins with shoppers downloading a virtual card from an advertiser. This is then saved directly into the users’ mobile phone wallet. The card can then trigger a location-based notification which reminds the users of the offer whenever they pass close to a shop carrying the item or brand. The system also allows brands to push notifications on a specific date and time.

In addition to being a new way to advertise, the Pass-to-Store system offers discounts, sales reminders, event tickets and other promotions that are time-specific. For example, a clothing chain offering a one-day sale can push reminder notifications to consumers when they are in a set radius around a shop, and can also send out notification of the sale on a pre-determined day and time.

S4M also offers a multi-shop feature that allows brands to show users a list of the closest retailers that stock their products.

Advertisers are constantly seeking new ways to attract consumers’ attention. For this reason, advertising is a tech space that is constantly innovating. At Springwise, we have recently seen novel advertising ideas such using QR codes to gamify beer, and an online retailer saving money by recycling old tweets.

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